Targeted In-store Promotions

Targeted In-store Promotions

In-store communication more relevant and effective

How to serve the right message or promotion to the right customer at the right time?


Targeted In-store Promotions solution

A smart solution which provides insight in actual store traffic to serve relevant promotions and products to the right audience. With real-time observations demographic customer information is collected and customers are classified by customer profiles.


Interactive Digital Signage shows a targeted in-store promotion that matches the customers’ profile.

Targeted in-store promotion picture

This infographic (PDF) explains the concept to increase traffic and conversion.



Attention of your customers

Nowadays consumers expect a shopping experience that is tailored to their needs. This solution makes it possible to display messages that match the target audience’s interests. The displayed content is more dynamic and grabs the attention of your customers.

  • Valuable insight in real-time store traffic
  • More relevant in-store communication with interactive Digital Signage
  • Without any efforts of the customer
  • Increase effectiveness of in-store campaigns
  • Up-to-date and flexible content without high costs



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