In-Store Retail Communications

In-Store Retail Communications

Align in-store marketing campaigns with each
store’s needs

How can you make sure the right stores receives the right materials, right on time?


The solution

Intelligent distribution of your Point-of-Sale (POS) items requires a system that knows the size, product range and possibilities for placing POS material in every store you operate.

And if a store needs to ‘pull’ additional or localised POS materials - sure, we make that possible too.





Our clients need an intelligent mix of ‘push’ and ‘pull’ mechanisms to service and support their stores. We make it happen by combining detailed store-specific information with intelligent distribution algorithms for rolling-out in-store campaigns.

  • The right material at the right time at the right store
  • More effective campaigns with no wastage
  • Differentiate in-store campaigns to specific store needs


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  • No more over and under supply (reduce total costs 25%)
  • Reduce coordination time (60%)
  • Improve service to stores

What our customers say...

Adnovate understood the multi channel solution we were looking for. They were able to comply to our wishes and deliver on-time what was needed based upon their existing SaaS Platform.

Irene Overweel, Programme Manager Innovation & Development


So many great brands rely on the results they get with our solutions