Multi Channel Content Management

Multi Channel Content Management

Ensure a consistent multi channel
brand experience

In today's’ business environment shaped by digitization, providing a seamless customer experience is a priority for companies. Customers expect to receive top quality, relevant information across a variety of channels


Consistent and useful social media communication, in – store promotions or newsletter campaigns have the capacity to transform even the most resistant prospect into a loyal customer. On the other hand, a stream of irrelevant messages will most likely leave the visitors disappointed.


Multi Channel solution


Our Multi Channel Content Management solution helps you optimise the creation and distribution of your marketing campaigns.  It enables you to manage all your marketing materials centrally, controlling how and where they are used.





All the content, including: images, meta-data, video, text, translations and product specifications is centrally managed and can be distributed to selected channels after approval. Because of that, the quality remains under headquarters’ control while being pro-actively served to all the users that need it.


Consequently, local brands receive all the tools required to excel at marketing: brand guidelines, creative assets, marketing planning, best practices and customer data. Affiliates can adjust assets to match their local strategies. It allows them to execute campaigns and reach consumers faster with more relevant messages.



Read our Infographic to find out more: Multi Channel Content Management: Achieve amazing sales results through smarter operations


Multi Channel brand experience


Create a consistent customer experience by providing marketing content in the right format, at the right time, through the right channel. A unified set of data guarantees a holistic brand experience as well as improved brand integrity. Consistency between corporate and local campaigns results in greater customer relevance.


PIM/DAM Software:

  • Create, store and distribute all marketing content within one, single platform
  • Pro-actively serve all content-users with the content they need
  • Automatic input validation
  • Automatic image conversion


Stop wasting sales opportunities! 


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  • Improve time to market
  • Improve brand consistency
  • Reduce campaign development and roll-out costs (20%)

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