Marketing Collaboration Workflow

Marketing Collaboration Workflow

Accelerate the development of
marketing materials 

Who is doing what? What are the statuses? It takes so much effort to keep the overview, alert everybody to their tasks and prioritize. How can you make sure campaigns get to market in time? 


Marketing worfklow solution

Adnovate’s marketing collaboration workflow management is specialised for marketing people. Helping you collaborate in designing, developing, reviewing and approving everything you need to make.


Supporting the collaboration between internal and external stakeholders with an automated marketing workflow will speed-up your marketing projects.


Marketing workflow to improve marketing projects

The Adnovate platform gives you clarity, discipline and the overview throughout your projects. We help you keep it simple.

  • Align all the people you need to involve
  • See who needs to do what
  • Search and access all project files
  • Faster development of marketing materials
  • Replace the Excel/email/sticky note mess with one platform


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  • Reduce creation costs (30%)
  • Shorter time to market (20%)
  • Gain control and overview

What our customers say...

Adnovate understood the multi channel solution we were looking for. They were able to comply to our wishes and deliver on-time what was needed based upon their existing SaaS Platform.

Irene Overweel, Programme Manager Innovation & Development


So many great brands rely on the results they get with our solutions