Brand Portal

Brand Portal

Centralize and organize your brand materials with a single marketing platform

Consistent branding is a must in the omni channel world. With the Brand Portal Solution, you can organize all your brand materials within one, online portal and make them readily accessible for both internal and external stakeholders.


Brand Portal solution

Manage your valuable brand assets and allow your users to find what they are looking for within seconds. Let them browse for inspiration, share the latest campaign materials or search for specific brand materials.


Brand Portal for efficiency and brand consistancy

Images, videos, brand collateral, online templates and other documents and files are well-managed. You decide who can use or upload content to your company's brand portal.

  • Create a central version of the truth
  • Fine-grained authorization levels – you decide who gets the access
  • Share, download, order, localize, bundle, downsize, crop, send, etc.
  • Only relevant brand materials for your brand portal users


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  • Improve brand materials usage
  • Gain control and overview
  • Less coordination time and reduce mistakes

What our customers say...

Collaborating with Adnovate is pleasant, we're working on a personal level with their team and the working atmosphere is really good. Their solution is a great way of connecting our dealers and internal organisation.

Achiel Sturm, Marketing Manager Topcon Europe Positioning

Topcon Positioning says

So many great brands rely on the results they get with our solutions