Automated Label & Packaging Design

Automated Label & Packaging Design

Compliant in no-time with the latest labelling regulations such as GHS and CLP

Your brand image is protected by consistency in layout and assured use of most recent content.


Label and packaging design solution

Our automated labelling solution simplifies and automates the label and packaging development and its frequently required amendments. Enabling you to design packaging and labels efficient, compliant and brand consistent.



Packaging design software does the job

Our solution processes the information needed, such as brand visuals, product descriptions, regulations, symbols and logos. Brand guidelines are automatically applied. No manual DTP, the solution creates print-ready files.


  • We’ve automated DTP
  • Speeds up translations
  • Brand consistency assured
  • InDesign ‘robots’ for faster artwork creation



Is your company struggling to timely comply with the GHS standards, and you want to know how companies like AkzoNobel have used our solution to become GHS compliant globally while spending 60% less resources and realize more than 70% of cost savings?


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  • 60% time savings
  • Compliant & brand consistent
  • More than 70% costs savings

What our customers say...

Adnovate provides us with an image bank, which works just fine. In case of questions, Adnovate responses quickly. In addition, we appreciate that Adnovate informs us on a regular basis about new features and trends which might be of interest to us.

A. van Dijk, Brand Manager

Robeco customer feedback

So many great brands rely on the results they get with our solutions