Shop modules

Store all marketing order items and accurately distribute marketing materials to shops

Marketing Webshop

Make all your marketing materials available to order by dealers, franchisees, etc. via an online webshop. 

  • Place one or more marketing items in a ‘basket’ and specify the desired quantity
  • Set pack-sizes and provide stock and pricing information
  • Allocate stock
  • Connect with your suppliers and warehouses
  • Track-and-trace deliveries


Store Information Manager

Manage all store-specific information required for the execution of marketing communication, such as details of all point-of-sale ‘carriers’ and digital signage facilities.

  • Overview of POS display sites
  • Product assortment per store
  • Import and enrich ERP data with marketing info
  • Generate store DNA to calculate your POS distributions with the POS Distributor module


Point of Sale Distributor

Calculate the exact signage material needed per store. Typically used for campaign roll out, promotion items, new stores and periodical store refurbishment.

  • Store details are retrieved from the Store Information Manager module and combined with the dimensions of the available marketing items
  • Intelligent distribution methods are used to determine the quantity of each item per store, based on the store DNA profile
  • Generate production and distribution lists

Fulfilment Suppliers Connector

Digitally connect the platform with your fulfilment suppliers.

  • Exchange order, stock, pricing and marketing item information

What our customers say...

Adnovate understood the multi channel solution we were looking for. They were able to comply to our wishes and deliver on-time what was needed based upon their existing SaaS Platform.

Irene Overweel, Programme Manager Innovation & Development


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